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“Those who would trade a little freedom for a little temporary security will lose both, and deserve neither.“ Though the actual wording of the quote varies from source to source, and Both Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson are named as the original author, it holds just as true today as the day that it was first coined.

The reason that airports are allowed to conduct invasive security checks is because people allow them to. Of course, simply barging through the security check point and getting on a plane doesn’t work, so what else can someone do if they don’t want to deal with full-body scans and wands?

Unfortunately, not much. Since there is a history of people willing to trade away their freedom not to be photographed naked or groped, fighting the legality of TSA practices becomes more and more complicated each day. However, there is still one way for people who disagree with these policies to make their voices heard- stop flying, and if you do fly, do so as cheaply as possible. Without ticket sales, the airline industry will lose money, and losing money is generally the only language big companies understand. By cutting funding for invasive security measures at its source, airlines will be forced to cope with deep budget cuts, or find a better, alternate way of screening boarding passengers.

Airlines in other areas of the world have their own security measures, but they tend to rely on highly-trained personnel rather than instruments and offensive scans. Only by cutting back the money they have to waste on wands, imaging, and TSA personnel can the public force airlines to reconsider the way they treat their customers.

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